About Us

Girls Love The Game is a fun, safe place for women to learn about and enjoy football so they will feel confident to say “yes” to jump into Fantasy Football leagues with their office or friends. Ask us silly questions or share in our game day shenanigans—we’re a supportive community here to help. If you are a tom boy or girly, a die hard fanatic or just starting to learn about offense and defense, we support all fans.

When two friends met at a San Diego digital + branding agency, they quickly bonded over their national football account. Working together and attending games, they started their own fantasy football league and discovered that many of their girlfriends didn’t want to play because they didn’t know enough about football.

“Fantasy Football is so fun and easy, we were surprised so many women didn’t want to play because they were intimidated and felt they didn’t know enough to join”—Tracy Piner, Co-founder

“We wanted to create a football app and blog that was fun and educational, and a safe place for women to learn and ask questions among friends”—Jennifer White, Co-founder

Girls Love the Game Football App is a fun and discrete pocket playbook for those looking to learn more about football.

Girls Love the Game Football app is now available for a free download on the App Store.