NFL Fantasy Football: 6 Tips for your 2013 Draft

August 30, 2013 by T.I.

6 Tips to Help You Dominate Fantasy Football

For all of you ladies and gents, who are tackling a Fantasy Football league this year for the first time…rock on! Have fun with it, and don’t stress about being a “fantasy” rookie. We all have to start somewhere, and luckily you have us to help you wade through your first season.

How to draft an epic 2103 Fantasy Football team:

TIP 1: Load up Running Backs and Wide Receivers early. Put on your running shoes, Lululemon-up, and ruthlessly take down two top running backs with your first three picks. These gridiron bad boys have endurance and will bring in the most points for your team, so choose wisely.

TIP 2: Draft a Quarterback in Round 5 or later. Do you walk into Nordstrom’s two weeks before their semi-annual sale and buy 3 pairs of shoes? Of course not, your mother didn’t raise no fool. The same applies to your QB selections. Be a smart shopper when it comes to your QB’s. Here’s a selection of bargain shopper QB’s, who are worth the wait.

  • Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck

TIP 3: Don’t draft a Kicker or Defense until the late rounds. Sure you need to round out your roster, but these picks don’t rake in too many points, and fantasy football is a numbers game. Hold off on filling these positions until the end of your draft.

TIP 4: Take a chance or two on a NFL Rookie. It’s called “Fantasy” football for a reason. You have to take some risks and it’s just a game. Take a hard right into Cougar Town, and add some NFL fresh faces to your roster. Here are a few names that experts are tossing around as viable options.

  • Running Backs: Giovani Bernard, Joseph Randle and Christine Michael
  • Receivers: Aaron Dobson, Cordarrelle Patterson and Terrance Williams
  • Tight Ends: Zach Ertz and Tyler Eifert

TIP 5: Know when your player’s have BYEs. Important note: NFL teams have BYEs, meaning they don’t play every week. Take a minute out of your day to double check your roster, and see which or your players/teams have BYEs. Make a sub, if any players are taking a knee that week.

TIP 6: Read your league rules. (*sigh*) Just do it, pretty please.