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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Week 5 Player Rankings

October 3, 2013 by T.I.

We’re a quarter of the way through the 2013 NFL season, and it’s time to take note of who’s a top performer when it comes to Fantasy Football. Here are the top ten players by position who are hitting the gridiron HARD this season. Updating your FF roster today should be easy-breezy. You’re welcome.

Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson-Detroit Lions
2. Victor Cruz-New York Giants
3. Demaryius Thomas-Denver Broncos
4. Julio Jones-Atlanta Falcons
5. A.J. Green-Cincinnati Benglas
6. Wes Welker-Denver Broncos
7. Brandon Marshall-Chicago Bears
8. Randall Cobb-Green Bay Packers
9. DeSean Jackson-Philadelphia Eagles
10. Dez Bryant-Denver Broncos

Tight Ends

1. Jimmy Graham-New Orleans Saints
2. Jordan Cameron-Cleveland Browns
3. Tony Gonzalez-Atlanta Falcons
4. Jason Witten-Dallas Cowboys
5. Rob Gronkowski-New England Patriots
6. Julius Thomas-Denver Broncos
7. Antonio Gates-San Diego Chargers
8. Greg Olsen-Carolina Panthers
9. Coby Fleener-Indianapolis Colts
10. Martellus Bennett-Chicago Bears

Running Backs

1. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles
2. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks
3. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs
4. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
5. Reggie Bush, Detroit Lions
6. Arian Foster, Houston Texans
7. Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers
8. Darren Sproles, New Orleans Saints
9. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars
10. DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

Thanks for the player rankings, Fansided.