Fantasy Football Trophies To Die For

January 14, 2013 by Jenny
Which kind of Fantasy Football trophy are you?

After playing in several different Fantasy Leagues (for the first time!) this year, we are pumped to have our own fem-fatale league next year! Ladies only (guys, don’t be jellie, you can drool from the sidelines). Girls, I highly encourage you have your own female league AND co-ed league. It’s a great time MUST to join a fantasy football league to learn and ask questions with the girls that you might feel embarrassed to bring up in front of the guys.

A good fantasy football trophy must:

1. Fulfill a year’s worth of bragging rights.
2. Should also look good in your home. Away with the knick-knacks!
3. Should be customizable to record yearly winners.
4. Needs to be durable, to last many years to come, and one day become a family heirloom.

Other trophy advice: Get creative! Break out the gold spray paint and make your own trophy, or maybe its a giant bling necklace, or a fashionable varsity jacket to flaunt your style (we included Taylor Swift’s varsity jacket from Dehen’s, or try a shiny gold windbreaker from American Apparel). I personally love anything vintage or chic, etsy and ebay are filled with vintage football trophies for your fireplace mantle, and even a cute vintage football cookie jar (make sure to fill it with cookies when you pass it on to the winner!). Trophies also come in handsome wood, crystal, silver and gold. And…the trophy wine stopper found on etsy is just genius.