Friday Football Huddle!

May 10, 2013 by Kris

The Friday Football Huddle

Well, we’ve made it. If Thursdays are the “3rd and Goal” of the week, then Fridays, sweet glorious Fridays, are the Touchdown to end the week. You may or may not have already done your “touchdown shuffle” walking into work this morning. Don’t worry, that coffee stain will come out.

So, for your enjoyment, we’ve gathered a few football links for your reading while pretending to work at 4:30 on a Friday. I mean, come on. Just remember— use “Command-Tab” to  quickly switch to a spreadsheet or something important-looking 🙂

The Great Gatsby comes out this weekend, and the author, F.Scott Fitzgerald, was a die-hard football fan. He tried (and failed) to be a football player at Princeton, so, as any self-loathing writer does, he wrote about it instead. “”It was in my mind that if you weren’t able to function in action you might at least be able to tell about it, because you felt the same intensity — it was a back door way out of facing reality”, quoted Fitzgerald.

He even wrote this little diddy about football:

What is this? A new formation.

Look! their end acts like an ass.

See, he’s beckoning for assistance,

Maybe it’s a forward pass.

Yes, the ball is shot to fullback,

He, as calmly as you please,

Gets it, throws it to the end; he

Pulls the pigskin down with ease.

Of course, we fully expect you to memorize this and quote it during football season, when your Fantasy Wide Receiver scores a game-winning touchdown.

Remember the story about that football player that shot himself in a club? Yeahhh, it was Plaxico Burress. He’s in the news again for another role-modelish move, selling his house to pay expenses for a girl he rear-ended in a Mercedes. His license was revoked, so he had to pay the girl off in order to drive himself to clubs again. A $500k house in exchange for a driver’s license? And you thought the driver’s test was bad.

Now that Draft Day is over and the rookies are putting pen to paper with THE BIGGEST grins on their faces, it’s time to get down to biz. They’re starting team practice, and of course, that means 2-a-day workouts, nonstop camera coverage, and rookie hazing. With this immense pressure of a city relying on you, some rookies shine while others crash and burn. So, Bleacher Report has the Top 10 Commandments for NFL Rookies. We agree with all except #8: Thou Shalt Not Be Foolish on Social Media. C’mon, those are the best re-tweets and articles! Everything else, YES. Please, please follow.

And what better way to end a Friday post than with a pink cocktail named Skip and Go Naked?! These are poolside-perfect, so get the blender out and get ready to enjoy your weekend. Cheers from GLTG!