How to throw a football!

June 6, 2013 by Jenny

The key: Don’t flail. The power should come from your legs and core, not your arm. We know, we know, easier said than done. But with these basic steps and a few humiliating days of practice, no one will believe you were the perennial last pick in PE.— Paul Boutin

1 Hold the pigskin with your fingertips on the threads. (If your hand doesn’t fit comfortably in the middle of the ball, slide your grip forward. Ladies with petite hands, I place my back three fingers on the back 3 laces

2 Cock the ball to your ear. Turn your body perpendicular to the receiver, but keep your front foot pointed at him (him being a cute boy or boyfriend, or best girlfriend on the beach looking fabulous).

3 Step forward with the lead foot and — using the momentum of your body as it uncoils toward the target — start your launch. (If the receiver is running, remember to aim where he is going rather than at him.

4 As you release, delicately snap your wrist so the ball spins in a spiral.

5 Follow through so your throwing hand ends up at your opposite hip, thumb pointing toward your body.

6 Flick your hair back like a gazelle.

Source: Wired Magazine
Photo credit:  Mark Allen Miller