Just launched! Girls Love the Game Football app. Now available on the App Store

September 17, 2017 by T.I.

This 2017 football season marks a first for NFL fans with Girls Love the GameTM Football, the first-ever iOS app designed for female fans. Girls Love the Game Football app is now available as a free download on the App Store®.

When two friends met at a San Diego digital + branding agency, they quickly bonded over their pro football account. Working together and attending games, they started their own fantasy football league and discovered that many of their girlfriends didn’t want to play because they didn’t know enough about football.

“Fantasy Football is so fun and easy, we were surprised so many women didn’t want to play because they were intimidated and felt they didn’t know enough to join”—Tracy Piner, Co-founder

“We wanted to create a football app and blog that was fun and educational, and a safe place for women to learn and ask questions among friends”—Jennifer White, Co-founder

Girls Love the Game Football App is a fun and discrete pocket playbook for those looking to learn more about football.

Girls Love the Game Football app is now available for a free download on the App Store.


Practice makes perfect. Choose your favorite football categories based on your skillset and preferences. Practice solo or challenge your BFF when you activate Apple® Game Center technology and Facebook® contacts.

What is an automatic first down? What the heck is an audible? Now you have football terms right at your fingertips in our searchable glossary.

Our Gameday Lookbook provides more than 60+ outfits styled by your favorite football team that you can “heart” to save for inspiration.

Don’t wait on the sidelines. We loved football game days but knew very little about the rules, so after creating Girls Love The Game Football edition we joined our first every Fantasy Football league and won first place (three years in a row now!). Download the app today, and get in the action.

Girls Love the Game is a community that understands women who love football. We are smart, witty and fun. We exist to educate and elevate female fandom. Founded by two San Diego female football fans in 2014, building engagement, adoption and awareness about professional football is at the heart of what we do.

Girls Love the Game is resonating and our growing numbers prove it:
• 255,000+ number of average monthly impressions across our Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
• +6% reach growth trend every month.
• Our core audience includes young, professional females, ages 18-44 in the USA.

If you would like further information on Girls Love the Game Football, including app sponsorship opportunities, or if you would like to schedule an interview, please contact us, info@girlslovethegame.com