Matt Stafford Fakes Out the Cowboys and Scores Big

October 28, 2013 by T.I.

On Sunday, Matthew Stafford led the Detroit Lions (5-3) to an incredible 31-30 comeback victory over Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys (4-4). With just seconds left on the clock, Calvin Johnson, made a key 22-yard reception that set the Lions up with a first-and-goal on the one-yard-line.

With just 12 seconds left in the game, Stafford, ran downfield giving the universal gesture for the spike play*, but instead he jumped over the offensive line and crossed the goal line securing a victory for the Lions. See animated GIF below.

*In American football, a spike of the ball is a play in which the quarterback intentionally throws the ball at the ground immediately after the snap. A spike is technically an incomplete pass, and therefore, it has the effect of stopping the clock and exhausting a down.



Massive. Go Lions!

(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)