Seattle Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to NY Jets

October 18, 2014 by T.I.

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks (3-2) traded Wide Receiver Percy Harvin to the New York Jets. In exchange for the trade, Seattle will receive a conditional draft pick in 2015, which will range from a fourth- to sixth-round selection, according to multiple reports.

Not absolutely sure what a “conditional draft pick” is? Check out the definition below.

Harvin is 26 years old and is currently taking a week off to recover from a thigh injury before he officially hits the field with the Jets. In this season’s five games with the Seahawks, he has been delivering. He’s caught 22 passes for 133 yards; 11 rushes for 92 yards; and a touchdown. Not too shabby.

Harvin is now the second high profile WR who played in last year’s Super Bowl to be traded to the Jets. The first WR signed to the Jets in the offseason was free agent—and NFL hottie with a body— Eric Decker.

What’s a conditional draft pick?

The term ‘Conditional Draft Pick’ refers to when A) there is a trade, and B) the compensation for the trade will be a draft pick in the coming year, and C) which pick it will be—meaning the round of the pick, earlier round pick is obviously better—is based on the performance of the traded player and/or his new team.

So, this means the Seahawk’s draft pick can go higher depending on how well Harvin plays for the Jets. If Harvin doesn’t perform well for the Jets, then the Seahawks pick would be in the later rounds of the draft. But if Harvin dominates and plays like a BOSS, then the Seahawks pick would be in the earlier rounds of the draft. Boom! Sounds like a gamble but more than likely a win-win for both teams.