Learn the NFL Draft Pick: Star Lotuleli

April 20, 2013 by Kris

Star Lotuleli, the commanding beast of a Defensive Tackle, will go quickly in the NFL draft. At 6′, 2″, 311 lbs. (!) this 23 year old from Utah State should terrify running backs and Quarterbacks alike. He doesn’t just tackle, he grapples and literally slams them to the ground. Almost all teams are gazing at this Star. It’s likely that the Chiefs will select him first overall. Their run defense is atrocious and this pickup will  fulfill their needs. Star Lotuleli (lo-too-leh-lay) can play in multiple defensive positions and formations, so he’ll entice more than a few teams looking to improve their defense.

So what makes this big, bearded Tongan a must-draft?

Tongan Strength
First off, he bench-pressed 225 lbs. thirty-eight times at the NFL Combine. That is some scary strength. Oh, and he’s agile. Not exactly like a cat, but he’ll still pounce and crush you. You’ll be seeing stars, then see Star looking down at you. Judging.

Star can play almost all positions in the defensive front line, so different teams with different defensive schemes will all be salivating with the hopes of picking him up.

With brute strength in every ounce of his body, he can push his opponent back at the line of scrimmage, which totally f’s with their play. If you have a charging, bearded Tongan breaking through your defense, that presents huge problems for the Quarterback. Basically, the whole play begins at the line of scrimmage, so these types of players can influence the game more than any other player on the team. They’re the unsung hero on the front lines of the gridiron battle.

So, what makes us scratch our proverbial beard just a little?

Sure, he’s agile with other positions and against other huge guys, but in the open field, don’t expect this 300+ pounder to make any open field tackles. Ball-carriers will definitely slip right by him, but then again, he shouldn’t be expected to chase them down in the positions he’ll be playing.

We’re also juuuust a bit shifty-eyed about his dedication. He quit the game in college because he just wasn’t feelin’ it, but did come back after he missed the sport. Utah saw his talent, so they took a chance on him and proved to be a success. So, we’re just a little skeptical—football fame and fortune just magnifies the player’s character, so let’s hope it doesn’t go to his head and cloud his judgement. We’ve seen it countless times, so hopefully he won’t turn his back on the game like he did before.

Check out his highlight reel and you’ll see what we mean by body slams. This kid is truly a commanding beast.